Ceramic Tile Prices

ImageSnap offers seven sizes of custom-printed ceramic tile. Each is available in gloss or matte finish. This table includes the prices for each size.

Size Price Each
Teeny Tile 2″ × 2″ $5.00
Classic 4.25″ × 4.25″ $14.00
Ditto 6″ × 6″ $18.00
Pivot 6″ × 8″ $23.00
Otto 8″ × 8″ $27.00
Reflection 8″ × 10″ $30.00
Slab 12″ × 12″ $35.00
Subway 3″ × 6″ $14.00

ImageSnap sets its prices in whole dollars rather than psychologically pricing them to end with 99 cents. We consider our pricing policy a sign of respect for our customers. Our intention is to be straightforward and competitive.

Volume Tile Discount

The more tile you buy, the more money you save. ImageSnap has three discount pricing tiers. Spend more than the indicated amount to receive the corresponding discount, up to 20% off the standard price.

Spend Discount
Tier 1 $100.00 or more 10% off
Tier 2 $200.00 or more 15% off
Tier 3 $300.00 or more 20% off

Reseller Pricing

Artists and photographers across the country print their masterpieces on ImageSnap’s ceramic tiles.

Artists love ImageSnap tile because it’s a great, inexpensive product to sell in galleries, at art shows and in gift shops.

Qualified resellers pay our wholesale prices. Fill out a reseller application to be considered for ImageSnap’s reseller pricing program.