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Teeny Tile (2″ × 2″)


ImageSnap’s Teeny Tile is 2-by-2-inches of ceramic fun! Each photo tile includes a self-adhesive magnet that you can slap on the back. Stick your Teeny Tile on the fridge so everyone can admire it. Perfect size for your Instagram photos. Learn More.

Classic (4.25″ × 4.25″)


The most popular tile size in the United States is the 4.25″ x 4.25″. That’s why we call it the Classic. You can put these photo tiles on an easel or hang them on a wall. The Classic is the perfect photo tile for a kitchen or bathroom backsplash. Learn More.

Ditto (6″ × 6″)


This photo tile is 6″ high and ditto on the length. Yeah, it’s a square, but you aren’t if you have ImageSnap print your favorite photo on its face. The Ditto has plenty of real estate for the most intricate photo or painting, and is plenty big for a beautiful portrait. Learn More.

Pivot (6″ × 8″)


Pivot is the smallest rectangular photo tile in ImageSnap’s collection. Got a vertical photo? The Pivot has you covered. Or rotate the Pivot and print a horizontal shot. ImageSnap sells tons of the Pivot to fine artists and pro photographers alike. Learn More.

Reflection (8″ × 10″)


The Reflection is a standard photo size, but painters and illustrators love the Reflection too. ImageSnap has printed the Reflection for large art installations as well as one-off portraits to be hung on a wall. Learn More.

Otto (8″ × 8″)


We’re talking about a lot of tile here. The Otto is big and it’s bold. Do you want to make a statement with that outrageous photo you just snapped? Then put it on an Otto. Learn More.

Slab (12″ × 12″)


We don’t sell photo tile any bigger than the Slab. It’s 12″ x 12″ of pure imagery. The Slab weighs almost five pounds and makes a bold statement no matter where you hang it or lean it. Learn More.

Subway (3″ × 6″)


The ubiquitous Subway tile was born in a New York subway station in 1904. Now you can put an image on your own Subway. Popular in kitchens and baths, the tile measures 3” x 6”, which makes it the perfect size for your extremely horizontal photos, drawings or just plain text. Learn More.

Gloss Finish

A brilliant high-gloss finish that makes your colors pop.

Matte Finish

A scratch-resistant anti-glare surface.

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